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Emerald City Productions


Emerald City Productions is an up and coming production company that specializes in putting on exceptional events in the DFW.  With Emerald City Productions being an up and coming production company, there presence in the DFW metroplex and social media world is relatively low.  


With little to no presence in the social media world, the social media plan provided suggest ways to put Emerald City Productions at the forefront of businesses and clients minds when it comes to production needs. The social media plan will help to humanize Emerald City Productions in a way that allows clients and businesses to connect and engage with them.


This will in turn be a social media invasion of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to showcase the company’s production work.  Also, YouTube and a personalized website will aid in making Emerald City Productions more known and recognizable for all production needs.


The overall goal of the social media plan is to enhance the social media presence and increase interaction from clients. Also, to create awareness of company and brand to prospects and potential clients.  This will be done from a beginner’s approach so as not to overwhelm the client.


Campaign Plan

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