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Pink Smoke

Welcome Friend

Take my hand

And follow me

Through my journey

New Moon


Content specialist and freelance photographer.

Looking for new ways to show the beauty of everyday life and the unfathomable. Documenting life as a photojournalist was the beginning of my creative adventure, now I'm living my life as if I'm my own feature story. I'm currently working as the Digital Engagements Co Chair for the Human Rights Campaign in Austin TX.

Past experiences include working as a photojournalist for the Victoria Advocate, multimedia journalist at The Shorthorn, and editorial assistant at the Star-Telegram. My work can be found on the Fort Worth Business Press, Ovrld, ScrewAttack, Associated Press, and iHeartMedia.

Picture perfect

A fearless photographer that's not afraid to rush into the pit to get the perfect shot.


Feel free to contact me on any of my creative platforms below. I would love to sit down and discuss my rate and services with you.


Till then~

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